Don’t Forget to Follow Up with Emails

Oh, the dreaded inbox. I feel we all have such a love/hate relationship with it!

I’m sure that you’ve forgotten to follow up with an email (I certainly have). It’s just so easy to lose track of a to-do list in your inbox.

There are a few ways to get around this problem. My two favorite solutions are to use Asana and Followupthen.

But Amanda, I don’t want to have to keep leaving my inbox to write down tasks for every email!

I am here to tell you that you don’t have to!

Today we’ll start with Followupthen.

Let’s say you are sending an email to a client for them to sign a contract. You want to send a reminder in 1 week. Do you have to go and write it in your calendar or to-do list to check on it within one week? Nope! You will send a bcc to and you’ll receive an email in exactly one week! It’s that easy!

So head over to and sign up for your free account to get started!

Did you forget to follow up with that email last week 2   Did you forget to follow up with that email last week_ 3   Did you forget to follow up with that email last week_

Amanda Leigh, with her business savvy tools and upbeat attitude, helps entrepreneurs develop systems that work for, not against them. By setting up project management systems and email management protocols curated specifically for each business, Amanda’s dedication to helping others thrive means making sure nothing is forgotten.

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