How I use batch processing to be more efficient

Batch processing.

You may have heard to term, but do you use it?

If you don’t, you should!

Batch processing is a time management tool where you group like tasks together. By doing this, completing your tasks simply become more efficient.

There are so many examples, but I’ll give you a few of the ones I use most frequently.

  1. Batch process your blogs. I like to be a month ahead, so I do a month’s worth of blog posts at once.
  • I already have outlines in Asana that I put in there as soon as I come up with an idea.
  • One day a month, I block out time to write the following month’s blog posts. I just sit and write. Don’t worry about editing.
  • Another day, I’ll edit all of the posts at one time.
  • I’ll batch process all of the graphics for each posts (for the blog, Facebook, and Pinterest).
  • I’ll then schedule these out for every platform that I use.
  1. Batch process your invoicing.

I invoice once per month, but send updates every week. I will batch process my invoicing by preparing invoices from every client at one time.

  1. Batch process checking notifications.

Do you find yourself with your email and social media accounts open all the time? You can’t get anything done because you’re always checking every email and notification as they come in. Now, I’m not going to tell you to check your emails once or twice a day, but I am going to suggest batch processing this task. For example, if you are working on creating graphics, don’t check anything! Shut off your email and social media accounts. After you’re finished with creating your graphics, take 10 minutes (seriously, set a timer) to check your emails and other notification.

Batch processing makes things so much easier for 2 main reasons.

  • You get less distracted. You are focusing on one task at a time, so your brain isn’t going back and forth between different types of tasks.
  • You get things done ahead of time! Yay! By batching projects together, it forces you to plan everything out. No more waiting until the last minute because it is already done!

What tasks are you going to start batch processing?

Batch Processing Pinterest Image 1  Batch Processing Pinterest Image 2  Batch Processing Pinterest Image 3

Amanda Leigh, with her business savvy tools and upbeat attitude, helps entrepreneurs develop systems that work for, not against them. By setting up project management systems and email management protocols curated specifically for each business, Amanda’s dedication to helping others thrive means making sure nothing is forgotten.


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