Hiring Tips from a VA who Hired a VA

Hi guys! So I wanted to give you an update on what’s new with me.

I hired a Virtual Assistant.

Yes, I’m a VA that just hired a VA. (I’ll admit, it’s kinda fun to say that.)

I thought this might be an interesting hiring perspective to share on my blog.

As a bit of a Type A person, the idea of entrusting business tasks to someone else seemed difficult. If you’re a business owner, you feel like the business is your baby and that no one will care for it like you do. However, if you want to scale your business, that is no way to think about delegating tasks!

Embrace the right thought process

Oftentimes, I feel like I can do everything. That, plus a hesitancy to entrust my business tasks to someone else made the idea of hiring a VA rather uncomfortable for me. But I knew I needed to change my attitude if I wanted to grow as a business and a person.

There’s an old saying, “You can do anything but you can’t do everything.”

It’s ironic that I ran into this need to change my thought process. It’s something I’m constantly telling my clients to do.

So it became clear that I need to change the way I thought about delegating tasks. Because the old saying rings true – I may be capable of doing the task well, but I cannot do everything.

Be aware of ways to whittle down your list of applicants

This will look different for everyone, but I’ll share what worked for me, my business, and business needs.

So I put together an application form via Google forms. On the application form, I asked applicants to check off the software and social media platforms they knew how to utilize. I also asked applicants to list both their strengths and weaknesses.

Then there was a little section titled “pitch me.” It’s a spot I created for people to show off their personality. I wanted to get to know these individuals who applied for the VA position. I value personal connections, people I can just sit with and talk to. Because I couldn’t talk to everyone in person, I figured this section would be a great way to “connect” with people.

In the end, I received over 120 applications through my google form. It really surprised and thrilled me!

But now I needed to come up with a way to quickly whittle down my options.

If someone didn’t bother to list their weaknesses, I disregarded their application. Why? Because everyone has a weakness. It’s important that we’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

Remember the “pitch me” section? Some people didn’t fill that in. Those who left that blank were eliminated from my pool. It concerned me that they left it blank. Why? Because if you can’t put the extra effort into filling out a complete application, then I can’t help but wonder if you’d put that extra effort in for me.

The phone interview

Finally, I narrowed my list down to three people.

The next step? A phone interview with each of the three applicants.

Here’s the thing about a phone interview – it’s harder because it’s like putting a face to a name. You get to connect with people when you hear their voice and it’s just harder to turn anyone down. I wanted to hire them all, but I’m just not at that point in my business yet.

So, when it was all said and done,  I hired someone.

Moving forward with my new VA

I was scared.

I didn’t know what to expect.

So I got on Asana and prepared tasks for my new VA. Within each task, I put down – step by step – how to complete what I wanted to be done.

My main tasks entailed repurposing my blog. I gave her a few weeks to get into the swing of things so there wasn’t any unnecessary pressure. After all, I’m a VA too. I know what it’s like to be her in shoes.

In addition to setting her up with tasks on Asana, I wanted a simple process to communicate back and forth with her, making sure we’re both on the same page. So I decided to use Slack for our communication. It worked out great because she came back with questions and suggestions. I gave her answers.

Funny thing is –  I gave her more work than I intended to give her.

So miss Type A over here ended up giving her more of my tasks!

Free up brain space, hire a VA

Sometimes these tiny tasks accumulate and take up so much of our brain. When you give these tasks away, it frees up precious brain space.

In my situation, I wasn’t necessarily concerned about her background experience. I just wanted someone I could connect with. If the right person came along, I knew I’d be able to train them!

I knew what I wanted and of course, we adjusted as we went along.

Let me know if you have questions. If you need a VA, I’d be glad to personally help you or find someone who can!

nicole_hatcherAmanda Leigh, with her business savvy tools and upbeat attitude, helps entrepreneurs develop systems that work for, not against them. By setting up project management systems and email management protocols curated specifically for each business, Amanda’s dedication to helping others thrive means making sure nothing is forgotten.

If you could use an extra set of hands in your business, Schedule a FREE Discovery Call here. flogo_rgb_hex-brc-site-250

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