Can Your Business Thrive Without You?

“It’s all about systems,” Sarah says.

That’s right, with the right systems in place, your business can thrive with and without your active presence. And she’s not talking about merely having a presence online while you step away. You can get it to a place where it’s actually bringing income without keeping an eye on it constantly.

Stepping away from your business does not mean the productivity needs to stop.

We all need a break

Let’s face it. The entrepreneur knows how to hustle and go above and beyond the needs of each client. But oftentimes, you forget or feel like you can’t get a break from the machine you’ve recreated. Maybe you can’t right now. But I’m excited to think that Sarah’s workshop may inspire you to put systems in place that will get your business going without you.

Sarah Williams is quite the productivity hacker and I’m thrilled she accepted my invitation to share some tips with you. She’s all about helping business owners find efficient solutions to save time and increase income.

So without further delay, let’s look at some of the strategy concepts Sarah shared with us in her workshop. Thank you, Sarah!

Out with the guesswork, in with the planning

It’s important that you find a way to stay visible and sell, even if you’re not around. Sarah’s a believer in planning and scheduling content.

She suggests you dedicate one hour each month to planning your content. By giving yourself a time limit, you can hone in on the message you want to deliver across your content for that month.

Certainly, this is a much better strategy than winging it and trying to come up with content as you go along. Instead, you have focused time to create a plan. Having that brainstorm and planning session will benefit you in two ways. It will give you direction to stick to and it will save you time so that you’re not struggling to think ideas up on the go.

If you wanted to, you can adapt this strategy for each week or quarter instead of doing it each month. The time carved out for planning is dependent on your content strategy and your social media strategy. Find what works for you and carve that time out into your schedule. Apps like Hootsuite and Buffer can be a huge help for scheduling the actual content.

Automate and streamline your business

Next step is to make sure that people can still buy from you. Once the planning and scheduling are done, you need to be able to sell your product. Even if you’re not present.

Sarah suggests creating an automated sales funnel that will resonate with your audience. This funnel can be programmed to send subscribers periodic messages about your product or service. But be sure to put yourself in the shoes of your audience as you plan your funnel. How are you getting your customers now? How can you incorporate that into your automated system? What can you do to remove any barrier that may prevent them from making a purchase?

By automating, you can give your customer that quality experience even if you’re not at the helm.

Make sure any written material in your sales and email funnel carries your voice. Sarah encourages you to make the writing a little more enticing since you’re not presently there to talk one on one with clients.

A streamlined and automated experience is what you’re shooting for. Consider setting up payment processors such as PayPal or Stripe for your products and services. You don’t want people to wait on you if they want to make a purchase. They may lose interest.

Reassuring the purchase

Since you’re not dealing with your customer face to face, they’re missing the personal contact they’d get during checkout at a storefront or via phone. Why not set up your system to reaffirm their purchase as soon as they buy?

This will reassure them that their money didn’t just go up into thin air. As soon as they buy, you want your site to redirect the customer to a thank you page. This thank you page should clearly state what the next steps are. This can simply be a message stating that they’ll receive a shipment notification soon or instructions to get started if it’s a digital product.

By giving them greater confidence in your business, you’ve give them a great customer experience. And it’s what sets you apart from other businesses.

The benefits of a business that runs without you

As Sarah states, some things in life are completely out of your control. Personal reasons and health reasons may force you to break away. Maybe there’s an unexpected death in the family or you’re simply burned out and in desperate need of a vacation. Whatever happens, the time to strategize for these moments is now, before you’re in a pinch.

Another reason to get on board for the big win is that your precious time will be freed up for other things. By automating your business (or at least some aspects of it), you’ll be free to invest your time in other worthwhile ventures.


So to sum things up, you want to plan and schedule a quality online presence. You want to automate your business in a way that speaks to your customer. And you want to reaffirm their purchase as soon as it happens.

If you enjoyed this workshop, check out my facebook group. Every week I invite an entrepreneur like Sarah to share some of her best tips and strategies in the form of a video workshop. And the best thing of all, you can enjoy the benefits of being part of a growing network of people who will encourage and inspire you to get things done! It can help to know you’re not alone in this journey of personal and professional growth.

In the meantime, read up on how you can stay productive by planning.

Sarah WilliamsSarah is the owner of Rebel Office and is super passionate about turning productivity and processes into profit. She creates tools, resources and programs for entrepreneurs that allow them to re-evaluate their customer experience and implement systems that actually make sense for *their* business. Because we all deserve to run OUR businesses, OUR own way.

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