Introducing a global collection of business and life tips

Hi guys! I have an exciting update to share with you.

Back in June, I rolled out a series of video guest posts. These videos were shared in my Productive Entrepreneurs Facebook group. These videos brought entrepreneurs from around the world to your computer screen. Wherever you found yourself, at any time and any place, these videos allowed you to glean some great advice. These videos provide helpful insight and tips from everyday entrepreneurs who want to share some of their systems, thoughts process, and tips.

Knowledge is power. Why not share it and empower others?

Obviously, I love Asana, productivity, and systems.

But I don’t know everything. (Surprise! Ha.)

So I thought it would be fun to continue in June’s vein of guest posts. It was so much fun and educational, why not make it a regular thing?

I’m inviting other people to come in in and share from their point of view – how they work and live – no matter what they do. It can be a mindset, food-related, personal or business-related.

As a business owner, you get that the lines between business and work are often blurred. They’re both intertwined in many cases – it’s hard to separate the two. So I didn’t want to do that in this group either.

Here’s how you can participate

Last Wednesday, I started sharing the first of many posts featuring a guest video.

Every Wednesday, you’ll find a new guest video in the Productive Entrepreneurs Facebook group. I’m excited to share this new adventure with you.

And the best thing of all? You’re invited to participate by submitting your own video to our queue!

If you’d like to contribute a video, I have a three-step process in place to get your video up.

Step 1 – Submit your idea.

To get started, submit your topic idea through this link.

Step 2 – Fill out the acceptance form

Once your topic is approved, I’ll send you an acceptance form to be filled out. In the form, you can decide your own due date. There’s no pressure. The due date will simply get you on the schedule, ensuring we get your video in the queue. It will give me an idea of when to reach out to you with a friendly reminder.

Step 3 – Launch

After I post it in the group, your video will eventually make its way onto my blog, email list, and other social media venues.

Of course, I will include links to your social media and you will receive proper attribution.

Join me! Let’s create a database of productivity and life hacks!

It’s my hope to get these videos up on an ongoing basis. Would love to collaborate with you! Don’t forget to apply at this link if you’re interested.

nicole_hatcherAmanda Leigh, with her business savvy tools and upbeat attitude, helps entrepreneurs develop systems that work for, not against them. By setting up project management systems and email management protocols curated specifically for each business, Amanda’s dedication to helping others thrive means making sure nothing is forgotten.

If you could use an extra set of hands in your business, Schedule a FREE Discovery Call here. flogo_rgb_hex-brc-site-250

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