Burn Bright Or Burn Out!

Are you a go-getter, always going and always giving to others? Do you find that you give off a happy vibe on the outside, but you’re actually insecure and worried on the inside? Are you constantly tired but always pushing yourself forward?

Worried that burnout might be catching up to you?

Penelope Jayne understands what it’s like to be in your shoes. Penelope calls herself a “guru.” She works with her husband to help others find balance and health in their lifestyle.

“In Sanskrit,” she says, “It [guru] means not only to teach but to take one out of the darkness and into the light.”

Life with burn out

Growing up, Penelope watched her mother suffer from thyroid problems, migraines, and a host of other health issues. Her mother, struggling through serious health issues, required much help from Penelope and her father. In this environment, Penelope developed a strong sense of compassion at a young age. This compassion, while a beautiful thing, easily gave way to burn out.

When her mother passed away, Penelope realized she was burned out after giving so much to family and friends. An autoimmune disorder developed as a result of her on-the-go mentality and she shut down completely.

During this dark period of her life, Penelope lost many of her friends. People didn’t know how to take the lack of a “happy” Penelope or her absence at many social events.

“I was a woman, mother, daughter, and friend — always on the go, always giving and never time for self,” Penelope explained.

She made time for her hair, time for her nails and the occasional walk, and time to beat herself up at the gym. However, she made no time to love herself.

Pushing through burn out

In crowds, she appeared happy on the exterior. But inside, she was always alone and always worried about her looks, having an extra pristine home, and more — she just worried about everything.

She remained tired all the time. But always pushing through the exhaustion, she aimed to get things done and help others. Penelope equated resting with laziness. Being type A, she constantly coaxed herself to get up and do something.

On a regular basis, Penelope stood as her own biggest critic. One day she paused and took a hard look at her attitude, “Would I speak to a friend this way? I’d never be cruel — not on your life! I was hard on myself. This all caught up with me.”

Coming out of burn out: a change in attitude

Finally, Penelope realized she needed to make time to genuinely love herself. Adrenal fatigue as a result of regular stress did her in.

To clarify, Penelope adds she does not mean love for self in a narcissistic fashion. Rather, she means a self-love that stops to appreciate the life you have. She now strives for a life that’s full of gratitude.

After realizing the need for a change of outlook, Penelope began to revamp her attitude. She sought to study under some incredible doctors, gaining as much knowledge as possible to combat her health issues.

Don’t be a martyr — take time out for yourself

In the process, she’s learned that accumulated stress doesn’t leave on its own. You have to do the manual work on your own — take the time to love, care for, and think for, and set boundaries for yourself. You don’t want to self-sabotage yourself.

“When you’re tired, rest,” Penelope insists. “When you’re not perfect, forgive. Love yourself. Realize you’ve been given a beautiful gift called life. When you’re alive, the impossible becomes possible. It’s unlimited potential. There’s so much you can do with your life.”

A program for a life that thrives post-burnout

Through her research, Penelope found that modern medicine could only offer temporary “band-aid” solutions. These solutions were not only temporary, but they also made her feel very unhealthy with their side effects.

So she designed her own program for self-care and health.

With her self-developed program, Penelope chose a whole food plant-based diet. She removed all the cleaning chemicals from her home and replaced them with natural cleaning solutions. She worked on changing her outlook on self to one of self-love and self-respect.

Out with the bad habits, in with the good

In closing, Penelope Jayne learned these lessons on burnout recovery the hard way.

Penelope believes that autoimmune disorders, disease, depression, suicidal thoughts, and more can be dealt with by breaking bad habits and replacing them with new good habits.

But Penelope also knows it’s hard to break those bad habits alone. That’s why she’s chosen to serve people through coaching. She’s passionate about health and mindset. Her compassionate attitude certainly proves that she’s meant to help others with their own journey towards self-care.

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penelope_jaynePenelope Jayne works with her husband Sean Beveridge. Together they developed Global Recharge. She’s a health & Wellness Guru empowering people to Self Love, reduce stress, exhaustion, fatigue, weight issues, depression, anxiety, isolation, insomnia, lack of drive and passion, overwhelm and cynicism, to bring back balance, productivity, creativity and joy back into their personal and professional life. Trained in Integrative Nutrition IIN New York, Diet and Lifestyle Intervention, Energy Healing, Chakra Cleansing, certified Food Over Medicine Instructor trained by Dr Pam Popper, Wellness Forum Health USA, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner and Weight Management Certification. Penelope won an Australian Day Award for her work with Street Kids and the homeless. You can find Penelope at http://globalrecharge.guru/. flogo_rgb_hex-brc-site-250


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