Get Unstuck: Little Things that Help



After 15 years of work in the field of marketing and advertising, Jennifer Hadley-White decided to start her own business. Three years ago she took this entrepreneurial leap. Today she helps clients with paid search advertising and she coaches entrepreneurs on how to find focus. Jennifer likes to call herself the “unstucker.”

She empathizes with the overwhelmed and busy entrepreneur. And that’s why she’s come on board as a guest — she wants to share some invaluable tips on how to keep moving forward.

Little things that help you get unstuck

There are many little things that can help you get unstuck and moving forward. Jennifer hopes these tips will help propel you into fearless productivity.

Two monitors for productivity

Jennifer admits that multitasking may not be the best thing, but we all do it. So why not make things more efficient by using a dual monitor system on your computer?

A dual monitor setup can serve you well in a variety of scenarios.

For instance, you could have a document open on the monitor so you can easily copy and paste data from that into the document open on the second monitor.

Or you could have a tutorial playing on one side while you follow along by applying the lesson on the other screen.

Organize your desk

When it comes to organizing your desk, Jennifer keys in on some helpful points.

First, consider the placement of your tools. Scissors, pens, markers and the like should be kept in a strategic location. Think of what you’re using often and strategically place it.

Second, buy some organizers. Get your hands on some pencil holders and baskets — whatever will work for organizing your tools of choice.

Third, keep yourself well-stocked with your supplies and — a must-have for Jennifer — lotion.

Bullet journal and monthly calendar

Jennifer likes to have a different journal for each topic — the topics that are relevant to her. For example, she has different journals for coaching, marketing, and business. And they’re color-coded so she can easily identify them on the shelf. For example, she knows the business journal is orange and the coaching journal is green.

These journals help her keep information organized as opposed to mixed notes on different topics.

Duplicates of your go-to tools

OK, so here’s a nifty idea. Jennifer says she keeps scissors in every room. That way, if she’s in the middle of something and needs the scissors, she doesn’t have to leave the room she finds herself in at the moment. It’s not the first time she’s interrupted her thoughts to grab scissors in a different room, only to lose her thoughts or get distracted from what she needed to get done.

She also keeps a stapler, tape, and paperclips in every room. These are the little things that get her, so she combats these weaknesses through the means of duplicates.

Stack your reading list in a visible place

Know that long list of books you’re meaning to read? Grab those books and stack them up on a visible location. This will serve as a visible reminder to read them, even if you’re reading the Kindle edition.

Printer addicts, unite!

Jennifer loves to print all her materials and courses — she organizes them in tabs. Yes, even her email marketing material.

She likes to keep physical copies handy for future reference.

Keep your everyday necessities within reach

Medicines or supplements, nail clippers, and lipstick are some of the things Jennifer will keep within reach of her desk area.

She knows she needs to stay on top of her medication. So it makes sense to keep that visible and easily accessible.

Nail clippers are a convenient must in her opinion.

Jennifer loves to have lipstick handy for those moments when she needs to record video or answer a video call.

Your everyday necessities may be different from hers. You get the idea!

Bucket your tasks

Here’s another productivity hack from Jennifer. She’s a huge fan of bucketing tasks (or batch processing).

By bucketing, she means that you focus on one type of task for one productive time slot.

For example, focus on writing blog posts during that one bucket of time. That’s all you do —- you focus on that one action and write all the blog posts you can.

And then you can do all your editing at one time.

Your blog post photos can be done at one time too.

And the scheduling. And so forth.

By bucketing her tasks, Jennifer is able to focus better. Once she’s in the writing mood, she can capitalize on that rather than switching gears on different types of tasks.

Get unstuck

So I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! Jennifer also has a goals and affirmation planner that you can tap into for further unstucking help. It’s called “Get Unstuck: Daily & Weekly Planner” and you can download your copy here.

amanda_leighJennifer Hadley-White not only shows us her desk, explaining how she keeps it organized, but she shows us how she does her “buckets” of time/tasks as well as her weekly/monthly planner.
Jennifer offers coaching for female solopreneurs who feel stuck by fear, lack of focus, and overwhelm. You can schedule a complimentary session with her. All sessions are booked on the half-hour but are 45 minutes long.
She also gave us this amazing Get Unstuck: Daily & Weekly Planner. flogo_rgb_hex-brc-site-250


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