Decluttering Your Life: Three Steps to Feeling Empowered and More in Control

On today’s guest blog post, we have Allison Perez laying out some helpful advice that leads to a decluttered and empowered life.

Allison works with her husband Elvin as a relationship expert and love alignment coach. They both provide coaching that stems from personal experience in overcoming personal obstacles. This husband and wife team works with clients that are individuals or couples.

Everything around you is a reflection of everything inside of you, Allison posits. You can be in control of the life you lead by being more in alignment with your core beliefs and choosing to live a life that feels good to you. It must feel good to you in mind, body, and soul.

A word of caution

All your relationships in life — romantic, familial and platonic — are important. As you grow and find your true self, you need to be careful that you don’t isolate yourself or neglect those who matter. As people grow, sometimes they feel as though they’ve outgrown those around them.

Three steps to feeling empowered and more in control

In her video, Allison lays out three steps towards liberating control and empowerment.

Does it seem like your life is spinning out of control on a day to day basis? Are you feeling disorganized or overwhelmed by circumstances in your life? If you feel bogged down by stress or anxiety, Allison has a three-step plan to help you move out of that funk.

Clutter in your life can lead one to live in their head space rather than live a life of freedom. If you want to feel in control, you need to acquire control of your thoughts and how you show up in life. Understand that you can decide how to think about your day to day life.

Step 1: Get control of your thoughts

So the first step is acquiring control of your thoughts.

To some, the idea of controlling one’s thoughts is a new concept. When we talk about our thoughts, we don’t often realize that we have full control over them.

Whether sub-consciously or consciously, we repeat mantras to ourselves. Mantras such as, “Why am I that way? I’ve always been that way.” Or “I don’t know why I’m always attracting that sort of person.” Or “I don’t know why I always get left doing everything.”

When we feel stuck in a hamster wheel of negative thought, we need to come into the present. When you are able to keep yourself in the present and thinking about what needs to be done today, Allison says you learn not to worry  about what’s to come.

When you are worrying about the past, maybe you’re dealing with anxiety and depression. When you think about the future, you’re talking in terms of things that haven’t happened yet so you’re worrying. You have anxiety because you can’t control what’s going to happen.

All you can control is the day you’re living at the moment. What do you have to do today? Think about that and stay in the present. When you stay aware and present on a day to day basis, you can find freedom from anxiety and depression. Why? Because you are creating your future at this moment.

This sort of thinking has you working in realistic terms of what you can do today.

Allison says this thinking works for relationships too. It’s not the explosions that create disruptions in relationships, she says. It’s all the little moments that go unaddressed — moments that build up and cause a big eruption.

When you focus on today, life becomes so much more manageable. But it takes time to get on board with this mindset. Over time, you will notice your life begin to change for the better.

Step 2: Flip into your body

By staying in your head, you’re embracing an endless cycle of self-doubt. You need to gain control of your thoughts, putting them in the present and then flip into your body.

You need to go from “I think” to “I feel.”

By flipping into our body, Allison means that our bodies tell us things all the time that we’re too distracted to understand. Flip into your body and things will start to feel effortless.

You need to start thinking in terms of what your body is saying to you and listen to it. What are you feeling? Is it anger? Disappointment? Once you define how you’re feeling, you can understand why you’re feeling that way and take steps to understand types of situations make you feel that way.

Then you can ask why those events are happening. This is a way to dig through layers, finding the root cause of your feelings and find healing.

Once we heal the thing that causes us stress, it no longer brings us anxiety. Through this technique, Allison said the things that she thought would bother her forever no longer have power. She’s found freedom. She’s been liberated through these techniques. In this way, you too can enjoy the life you created for you.

With this in mind, Allison says we can all decide what kind of wife, mother, daughter, friend, and woman we wish to be. Even if we haven’t done things right in the past, we can begin making positive decisions today.

Step three: Trust your intuition

Allison says when she finally moved from her head and into her body, things started to fall into place. She began to stop overthinking life. She began to actively pursue things that make her feel good.

When you feel good, you’re able to track positivity and keep moving forward. Our mind is decluttered and we’re living in the present. Anxiety is out of the picture and we’re leading with our heart, Allison says.

The third step entails trusting your intuition. This is where we flip into our purpose.

So now we’re talking about our soul. What is our soul’s purpose in our life? Allison says to trust yourself as much as anything else. Learn how to trust yourself and top second-guessing your own intuition.

Allison says we all have that voice that hesitates or tells us to move forward. Unfortunately, sometimes we ignore it. All those years of dismissing that voice have put us way out of alignment. And thus we are far from our true self, Allison explains. How do you come back to your true self? Follow these three steps to embrace the self-empowered life and be in control.

Allison_PerezAllison Perez is an Intuitive Relationship Expert + Love &
Alignment Coach. She works with soulful and heart centered women who are strong, confident, unapologetically themselves and through their own journey of self discovery have found success at helping other women, but have realized that to achieve a higher level of success they must go deeper to finally have full freedom in their life and relationships.



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