Calendar Scheduling Tool Comparison: Calendly VS Acuity VS 10to8

We have all been there. You and your potential client (or colleague) agreed to have a meeting.

That’s awesome.

Well, it was awesome before that dreaded conversation starts.

You know the one. You go back and forth several times determining a time that’s convenient for the both of you.

Then you realize you’re in different time zones. Whomp Whomp.

It’s so much easier to just send a link and say “find a time that works for you!”.

There are so many online scheduling tools out there. It’s hard to determine which works best for you and your business.

They all have their pros and cons, but to figure those out can also be time-consuming, so I’ve done that for you!

I’ve chosen to take a deeper look at 10to8, Calendly, Acuity.



Pricing Small Business: Free

Basic: $9.30/month

Grow: $20/month

Bigger Business: $40/month

Basic: Free

Premium: $8/user/month

Pro: $12/user/month

Freebie: Free

Emerging Entrepreneur: $15

Growing Business: $25

Powerhouse Player: $50

Automatically syncs to an online calendar Yes Yes With Paid Accounts
Multiple Appointment Types Unlimited 1 for Free Account
Unlimited to Paid Accounts
Time Zone Conversions Yes Yes With Paid Accounts
Number of Events Per Month Small/Basic: 100 appointments/month
Grow: 300/month
Bigger business: 600/month
Unlimited Unlimited
Event Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Customizable email notifications and reminders Yes With paid With paid
Integrates with your website Yes Yes With paid
Collect Payments Yes. Paypal, Stripe, Sage With Paid. Stripe and Paypal With paid. Stripe, Square, Braintree, Paypal,

All three of these online calendar scheduling tools are pretty easy to use. They have similar features in that:

  • You can set your office hours and when you’re available to your clients
  • You’ll get a custom URL to give to your clients to find a time that works for them
  • They all have amazing integrations with paid versions
    • They all integrate with Zapier, allowing countless automations
  • You can create multiple meeting types and durations for both 1:1 and group bookings.


10to8’s interface is so easy to use for both user’s point of view.

From the client’s perspective, it is very simple and clean. The URL is only customizable with a paid account. I love that I can create my own header, image, and copy to greet the users, who can easily click on an appointment and select a date and time that works for them.

10to8 Image - 1

10to8 Image - 2.png

From my perspective, it’s very easy to use but the design and the colors are a bit antiquated in my opinion. It’s a tad clunky, but I think that everything is really easy to find. There is a side menu where you can navigate to the page you’re looking for.

10to8 Image - 3

You’re able to speak directly with the meeting coordinator through 10to8 via email or text, which is very convenient when there is a follow up needed.

You can add questions for the attendee, which is really nice for me since I like to gather birthdays!


From both user’s point of view, Calendly’s interface is very simple and clean, which I love.

From the client’s perspective, they can see my custom URL and my public meetings. You click on my 30-minute meeting and my client can select the date and time that works best for them.

Calendly Image - 1.png

From my perspective, setting up events and availability is very easy to do.

Calendly Image - 2

I feel like Calendly is a little too simple. I want to be able to set my office hours, then go to each type of event and adjust accordingly. But instead, I had to go to each event and set the office hours. This seems like a really silly downfall, but it took me a little bit of extra time to figure it out.

I really like that you can easily add questions to the attendee. For example, it automatically asks for their name and email, but you could add phone number and birthday.

With the paid version, the person scheduling the time can automatically book another appointment as well as other custom links such as a thank you page.

Calendly also has some direct integrations (integrations without having to use Zapier). These integrations include:


Acuity’s interface is visually appealing and easy to use for both you and your meeting attendees.

From the client’s perspective, I like Acuity’s interface the best. You can view multiple days and times at once and it looks really nice. You can do a lot of customizations on this page, which is really awesome.

Acuity - 1.png

With Acuity, there are so many customizations – it’s really amazing.

With the client’s view you can:

  • Use monthly or daily calendar view (the below screenshot is daily)
  • Allow/disallow recurring appointments
  • Allow/disallow client login and registration. This will save the client’s information for future scheduling.

When you schedule your availability, you can set a regular availability or select particular days. You can create a client intake form.

Acuity also has approximately 1 billion direct integrations. I’m kidding, but there really are a lot of integrations such as:

Are you ready to see my recommendations?

  • Calendly is super clean and easy to use but is a little basic. It’s great for someone you simply wants an online calendar scheduler, without all the extra uses.
  • 10to8 has an amazing free option with a great interface for your clients. There are many great options in the free version but the interface for the original user is a little clunky.
  • Acuity’s free version is very limited. It does not sync with your calendar or automatically convert time zone. The free version also doesn’t have event reminders or website integrations but the paid version is amazing. With the paid version you have so many different options available.

I would recommend…

  • Calendly for a free very quick and basic setup
  • 10to8 for free, more customized setup
  • Acuity when you’re ready to pay for an upgraded version

So, what online scheduling tool do you use? Why did you choose it?

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